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Home Means… The Future of Esports

Did you know esports is a thing? I’m not talking about a little thing either. It has become a huge movement that is changing the way people watch and play video games. Alex here… I had the chance to check out Overwatch League in Los Angeles recently. For those who are also new to the topic, let me explain.

My boyfriend enjoys playing a video game called Overwatch, and has even talked me into trying it a few times (you should know I’m not very good and there’s more to come on this in the near future). Now, the idea of playing video games doesn’t surprise me. But what does is the idea of watching other people play video games! Why? Although I’m starting to understand the entertainment appeal it still really doesn’t make much sense. But esports is a thing and it’s changing the game.

Watching Overwatch League, online or in person, is like watching a football game. There are anchors, sideline reporters, commentators, team gear… you get the idea. While we’ve streamed the event online at home, we had to check it out in person, and I’m glad we did. Here’s why:

  • As someone who knows nothing about and is not an avid video gammer, the energy and atmosphere was actually pretty fun.
  • I gained a better understanding of how to play and what esports is.
  • I’m the proud new owner of a San Francisco Shock shirt (can never have enough workout gear)

As you heard in the video, events like this are changing the way people play and stream video games. In our house, Dr. Disrespect is highly respected. He streams live on Twitch… yes, people tune in live to watch him play video games (again, still don’t understand but the dude is pretty funny, check it out). What do you think of esports? Have you been to Overwatch League? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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