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Home Means… Unknown Elected Positions

Well, it’s that time of year. Elections are officially taking over counties and cities across the country. While you might be accustomed to many of the positions on the ballot this summer, there are some you might not know a lot about. Political guru Erik Jimenez breaks down some of these lesser known elected positions.

“No one really knows about these positons and they’re essential to keep our government functioning. The responsibilities in the offices are non-partisan in nature, but we require them to run as a republican or democrat. But other positions like city council, where partisan bias comes into play more often, we don’t require them to disclose a party.” – Erik Jimenez


County Clerk:

  • The County Clerk is primarily responbible for being secretary at county commission meetings and handling public record requests. At the city they are appointment, but at the county they are elected and are a partisan position.
  • If the County Clerk leaves before their term is up, they must appoint another clerk of the same party. When election season rolls around again, the appointed clerk can say they are the incumbent.

County Recorder:

  • The County Recorder’s Office is responsible for recording a variety of documents and maps, and maintains indexes to the records. The office permanently preserves the records, provides access to them for public viewing, and produces copies.
  • Examples of documents: real property records, financing documents, maps, military discharge papers, marriage certificates
  • The County Recorder is a partisan position.

Mosquito Abatement Officers:

  • Counties around the country, like in San Mateo, have a Mosquito and Vector Control District Board of Trustees, that are made up of elected officers.
  • Some counties also have animal control boards to help with stray animals.

If you have questions about your upcoming election, please send them in and we’ll be sure to answer them here on the #homemeansblog.

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