Home Means… The Mountains

Written by: McCall Board

Home is hiking the same trails at 22 years old as you did in 2001, at the age of six. When you’d be wearing your Life is Good T-shirt with your childhood dog by your side. You remember the parts of the trail when it got too tough and Dad would throw you on his shoulders and carry you the rest of the way to the summit. You felt on top of the world, up so high on those shoulders while eating your Nature Valley granola bar with the crumbs dropping in Dad’s hair.

Home is getting to the top of that mountain and seeing the city on one side, where you see the town that raised you, and Lake Tahoe on the other side. And you recall the good old days when Mom used to load you and all your friends into the Suburban and take you up to Sand Harbor. Those were the simple days. Befriending every kid on the beach, the day consisted of catching crawdads and jumping off rocks into the water until sunset. Then you’d deflate the floaties, realize you should have worn a little more sunscreen, and make the trip back down the mountain to Reno.

Home has a different meaning to everyone. To me, home means my family, my childhood memories and experiences, and the remarkable people in the community that helped shape me to be the person I am today—home means Reno.

Reno welcomes everyone to a place they can call home, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Reno is one city, one community, and one heck of a beautiful home!

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