Home Means… Eat Up, Trim Down!

Walking around the UFC Gym in Reno are lots of super energetic people, throwing up weights in obscure ways, running back and forth, yanking ropes, jumping like kangaroos and flying up and down stairs like birds!

It’s an intense place to be!

No matter who you are or what your body-type is, diet and exercise is not easy. And the hardest part for me isn’t going to the gym, it’s what I do afterwards (cough, cough, eating and drinking!)

I am working with the owner of the UFC Gym, Dave Strickler, to learn more about dieting…not just “eat this and don’t eat that,” but the science behind seriously changing your life!

We’re you as surprised as I was when he said you WANT TO EAT and feed those muscles!? It’s not about eating a small amount of food…it’s about eating a lot of the good stuff! 

Check out the UFC Gym off of Kietzke by the Walmart. The community is so welcoming and the people really do care about your health!

See you there!


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