Home Means… Being Inspired

Going to #TEDxUNR was one of the most inspiring experiences. Alex here! Last week on the #homemeansblog we wrote about TEDx and how the whole point is to generate ideas. Throughout the day of the event we heard from several speakers, such as Mariana Atencio, Sharyl Attkisson and Steven Ing. Each person brought new ideas to the table, providing thought provoking conversation.

But one of the most inspirational takeaways from the whole day was this video.

Remember Paul Klein who was featured here on the blog? He’s the creative mind behind this viral video.

“I wanted to make something that showcases authentic Reno, the Reno we all know and love,” said Klein when asked about the inspiration behind the video. “I’ve been thinking about the concept that Reno was built on ideas and that all the things that have propped Reno’s economy were based on these bold ideas. When you think about the things that make Reno great, it’s the art scene, the tech and startup culture, entertainment and outdoor activities, which are the very pillars of TED.”

So at the end of each day, what inspires you?

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