Home Means… A Mother’s Mission

I did a story for KTVN on Josh Morros and his mom, Teresa in 2016. Their amazing organization BRAIN-Brain Recovery Assistants Institute of Nevada believes that people CAN recover from brain injuries and Josh is the living example of the possibilities.

Tragedy struck the Morros family last Christmas Eve.

Josh passed away. He was just 26 years old.

Teresa now carries the torch, vowing to never let those with brain injuries be left to the wayside.

Click here for the full KTVN story.

Josh is pictured on the left sitting in the chair.

Josh and I volunteered at the Reno Rodeo together. I have a fond memory from last rodeo of Josh getting in trouble for driving the carts too fast through the parking lot. His punishment was not being allowed to drive anymore AND pick up horse manure around Wells Ave. “How can I pick up the poop if I can’t drive,” he asked our boss. “Ky go with him.” So I would drive Josh around to pick up poop! It is a special memory.

His recovery from a horrific dirt bike crash in 2008 is nothing short of a miracle. His love of others like him and the unwavering belief he had they could get better teaches me the power of FAITH and how a little LOVE can change the world.

Thanks, Josh. You made Jesus smile on earth and now are making Him smile in Heaven!

For more info on B.R.A.I.N., click here. To donate to their foundation, click here.

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