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From politics to scandal and everything in between, 2017 has been a year we won’t forget for many reasons. Working in news you see it all, and often get to report on some of the year’s biggest stories. Here’s a look back at some of our favorite stories we told in 2017. Cheers, to discovering more interesting stories to tell in the New Year!
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Alex’s 2017 Story Highlights

 I’ve always had a passion for helping the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. While we did several stories on the topic, this one was a favorite.
Workout classes are my jam! What’s your favorite way to burn calories?
This love story was a special one to share. Thank you to my boyfriend’s grandparents for going on camera and telling us the secret to 63 years of marriage!
With snowfall comes flooding… at least that was the case in northern Nevada…
Out of all the times Ky and I did a Facebook live together, this one was the most memorable.

Ky’s 2017 Story Highlights

Have you ever spent the night in a clown-theme hotel? I have…
I admire our men and women in law enforcement, but the process of getting their takes perserverance. Here’s one of my best friends telling his journey from one “blue team” to the other.

It’s not everyday you get to talk to someone on TV you’ve admired for years! Steve Harman of CBS News’ “On the Road” has inspired me to be the reporter I am today. Doing this story with Steve was surreal for me!

Live shots are so fun for me ESPECIALLY when I get to show you how fun of a weekend you could have with your list of #Things2Do! Why not go live on a dragon boat?
And I’ll show you how one of the hardest country fair games out there can be conquered. #Things2Do

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