Home Means… ‘Tis The Season

From the smell of pine needles and fresh baked goods to the sound of laughter and cheer, the holiday season is one we LOVE here at the #homemeansblog. Some of our viewers wrote in to share their favorite part of the holidays. Check out what they had to say!



“I look forward to my family’s annual bar crawl. We all live on the same street so we go from house to house drinking everyone’s signature cocktails that they make that year. We start at 7am and then open presents after.” – Maggie O’Flaherty


“Our family does a nice Christmas Eve dinner. Then on Christmas morning, we eat monkey bread and open gifts. After, we go to the movies, and because most restaurants aren’t open, we eat dinner at the Lucky Beaver.” – Dr. John Erickson



“I love all the different types of wrapping paper beneath the tree. I feel like it shows everyone’s personality and spirit on Christmas and it’s all under one tree for Christmas. Even for people like me who use all different types of wrapping paper.” – Molly Ellery

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