Home Means…The First Time is for Fun, the Second Time is for Revenge

See this bird…


It’s a Chukar, a prettier looking chicken, really. They make a similar noise and have a comparable taste! These things are supposed to be ample in the Nevada wilderness, far from any busy highway, hearty suburb, and neighborhood Walmart.

But on my first ever chukar hunt, the flying critters were no where to be found!


This is my buddy, Mason, Chukar aficionado. 


We walked for several hours off a dirt road northeast of Pyramid Lake, scaled a few mountains, and traversed through a creek or two, eyes peeled and ears on-point.

There’s something about hunting and fishing…you tend to wait more than shoot and kill.

I am going to tie this experience into life…(buckle up, this might be cliche, but important…here we go!)

In a world where everything is immediate, we hate to be stopped more than 2 seconds. A perfect example…if an iPhone app takes to long to load, we move on!  Patience is more and more of a discipline. Like waking up and going to the gym everyday at 4 a.m. or not eating sugar, patience is one of those tough things to accomplish and get better at.

But doesn’t it feel good when you are patient?

It felt good waiting for chukar in the beautifully still and vast Nevada wilderness.

I digress.

Back to the hunt…


We didn’t see a single chukar! Ha!

They say the first time you go chukar hunting it’s for fun…the second time is for revenge!

Until next time you flying pheasants!

PS) Here’s what chukar hunting is supposed to be like.

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