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Home of the free because of the brave. 

Veteran’s Day is a chance to reflect, honor and thank those who so selflessly fought for our freedom and this country. While it’s easy to forget about the men and women who have put their lives on the line, I challenge you to set aside time this weekend to not only think about their sacrifices, but to take the time to thank them as well. Below are some DIY crafts you and your family can make to honor these brave American heroes.

If you or someone you love has served, please share your story with us to be featured on the site. Thank you to all who have served the United States of America.

Greeting Cards

Whether you’re a crafting pro or do best with construction paper and markers, make cards and deliver them to your local Disabled American Veterans or Veterans Affairs chapters.


American Flag Mason Jar Vases

These mason jars are both pretty and patriotic.

  1. Buy three mason jars, paint, masking tape, flowers and mod podge.
  2. Paint one jar blue and the other two white. Let the paint dry, and continue to add layers until the mason car is covered.
  3. Once the white paint has dried, add red stripes, using the masking tape to make straight lines.
  4. Once the blue paint has dried, add white stars. You can also use stickers instead of painting on stars if you want to add something different to your jar!
  5. Break out the can of mod podge and spray your mason jars to keep the paint from chipping.
  6. Place the flowers in your jars and put them on display for all to enjoy!


ACU/Uniform Fatigues Wreath


2 ACU tops
Pinking sheers
Fabric scissors
Yellow ribbon
hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks
12″ styrofoam wreath form

For the full list of instructions, visit the link above. Project by: Door Decorations 



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