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Home Means… Hard Times For “Soft Targets”

The sheer horror of what happened inside a small Baptist Church in Texas last weekend has awakened many church-goers to the reality they are what experts call “soft targets.”

Churches have always been a place of peace, love and refuge, but is a “come to Jesus” type conversation needed amongst church leadership? How can they better protect congregants from not just spiritual evil, but physical evil, too?

I spoke with Imago Dei Church in Reno for my full-time job as a reporter at KTVN-TV. Their security manager, Mike Maynard has a long resume of law enforcement and tactical training. Their team of qualified volunteers prepare to protect the church in any situation that may come. Yes, they are armed.

On the other hand, the Reno Catholic Diocese does not allow guns of any kind on church property. They rely on ushers and a keen sense of awareness to handle out-of-the-ordinary people. Father Bob Chorey with the Diocese said he does not believe any change will come to their long-standing policy.

Check out my story here:

What do you think your church should do? Do they have an armed security team? It’s worth asking.

These are troubling times.


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