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Home Means…Getting Deals on Credit Cards!

We all know the dangers of credit cards…BUT there are so many benefits that can get you ahead. Don’t ignore the freebies! Keep reading. 🙂

I am definitely a fan of taking advantage of deals like Chase Freedom’s $150 bonus plus 0% interest for 15 months deal. I mean, I have good credit and I’m responsible so WHY NOT?

Alex on the other hand is a little skeptical. She likes to pay for things in cash. I guess it makes money more “real.” Who am I kidding! She’s right. But, if you can budget your credit card wisely, snagging a freebie here and there can’t hurt!

Here’s how I got a sweet deal from Chase when a classic life occurrence everyone goes through happened to me!

Thanks so much for watching! See you again soon!

-Ky and Alex

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