Home Means… Turning to Kindness During Tragedy

“It took a moment to comprehend what was taking place as the news reported multiple shooters and many dead at the scene with hundreds injured.”


Mary Rendina recalls the moment she learned of the tragic mass shooting on the Las Vegas Strip. A shooting that took place just moments after her daughter, who attended the Route 91 Musical Festival, arrived back home.


Inspired by acts of heroism and kindness from those around her, Rendina began a grassroots kindness movement called #58RandomActsOfKindness. The goal is to encourage people to spread 58 random acts of kindness in honor of the 58 victims killed on October 1, 2017. Just days after launching, more than 3,000 people were participating. That’s the equivalent of 175,000 random acts of kindness commitments nationwide.

“I’m so blessed because this is something that has spread outside of the four walls of our City and we have participants not only in other states but other countries as well,” said Rendina. “For me the most rewarding part is how it is helping some of the survivors of Route 91 heal from the emotional trauma.”


Whether it be a phone call, leaving a kind note, or helping someone financially, there are countless ways to encourage and help those around you begin the healing process. Rendina says of the thousands of stories she’s heard, two stand out the most. “The first was a guy who posted on Facebook that someone in Walmart paid for his cigarettes and beer he said ‘there is some crazy shit going on in Vegas’,” she recounts. “The second was an 18 year old with autism who gave the $5 he worked really hard for to a homeless man because the guy had no food.

Today there are over 4,100 people participating in this kindness movement. To continue spreading #58RandomActsOfKindness, simply do something kind, then visit their Facebook page to share and encourage others to do the same. While this horrific act of hate was meant to cause pain, let’s continue to support one another and show that love can turn it into good. How will you spread kindness today?


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