Home Means…Holidays REALLY Far From Home

Ky here! A good buddy of mine from high school, Gray Reid (know him? You should!), did something pretty awesome over the summer.

He packed his bags and moved to China to teach kids basketball.


I admire his bravery to try something so far out. I ooze jealousy when I read his blog!

We were talking over Thanksgiving and I had to find out what it’s like celebrating one of America’s greatest holidays an ocean away…Gray’s story does not disappoint!

Thanksgiving in China is hard to find. I managed to find myself a “Traditional American Thanksgiving Dinner” at a hotel in town called the Crowne Hotel. I made a reservation because i thought it would be bustling with Americans…it wasn’t.

I walked in to a restaurant with 4 out of maybe 20 tables filled. Sat and ordered my meal, which consisted of goose liver terrine (still couldn’t tell you what that is even though I ate it), seafood stew, turkey meal OR surf & turf (why? We eat turkey on Thanksgiving, China), and a “pumpkin dessert.”


I wouldn’t be able to describe to you what the goose liver terrine was or tasted like because I honestly thought they had brought my dessert out first. The plate had berries and kiwi on it as garnish and the “terrine” was sandwiched between two pieces of, what looked like to me, pieces of waffles. That being said, It was pretty tasty.

2nd course, seafood stew came out after. Shrimp and crab cooked in a tomatoey broth with a little bit of kick. Then my turkey meal was brought out to me. As the waiter set my dish down, he said, “Here’s your chicken.” I think it was an honest mistake but I’m still unsure which bird I ate that evening. The plate consisted of carrots and Brussels sprouts cooked in butter, potato wedges, turkey (chicken), and gravy. And for dessert was a pumpkin flavored ice cream with small pieces of a white cake.

Overall my Chinese Thanksgiving Dinner was not too bad. I paid a pretty penny to attempt to make myself feel sort of at home. I’ll be glad to eat the real deal next year!

Chicken or turkey? Gray will never know!

Be sure to catch up on his blog, “Gray’s Chinese Adventure!”

Home Means… Shop ‘Til You Drop

The smell of new purchases and Auntie Anne’s pretzels fill the mall on most days during the year. But there is one day in particular where shoppers brave the crowds to score what is supposed to be the best deals. We’re of course talking about Black Friday! This year we headed to Meadowood Mall looking for deals and steals. Were we successful? CHECK IT OUT!

Thanks to francesca’s and Bath & Body Works for the great sales!

Home Means… Making it in the World of Marketing

“It’s the challenge of capturing people’s attention in the crucial seconds before they lose it that makes this job hard and I love it.” 

The people we know, work with and see on a daily basis often have the most interesting stories to tell. Alex here! Today at Home Means we’re introducing you to my coworker, Paul Klein. Not only is he great to work with, Paul is knowledgable and talented, making him a great role model. Check out his story below!

Name: Paul Klein
Job Title: Senior Vice President/Creative Director at Argentum Partners
Favorite thing about your home town: In Reno, Nevada I like that you can pretty much count on running into friends or family at any local event.
Q: Tell us about your journey in the marketing industry.
A: Growing up I wanted to be a writer. I still want to be that. My first job in advertising was stacking bills for Jim Bauserman. He promoted me to copywriter and I started writing ads. A few years later I went out on my own. I worked for a few other agencies and a government along the way. I’ve written campaigns for a lot of major brands; products we use everyday but never think about. I love advertising. It’s the challenge of capturing people’s attention in the crucial seconds before they lose it that makes this job hard and I love it.
Q: What has been your favorite campaign/project to work on?
A: There has been a lot of them. The causal, non-profit organization work is my favorite. The stuff that evokes compassion and reminds us to have faith in the human race.
Q: What advice do you have for people just starting in the industry?
A: Coming up with the big idea and doing it over and over again is really hard. Then, when you come up with a big idea, the client “or legal” usually kills it or changes it so that it’s not as bold or disruptive. So, my advice is to understand that will happen in this business and not to let your feelings for an idea make you too arrogant to go back to the drawing board and start over. Save the idea, it might be worth something for another project down the road. Now, once in a while your big idea gets all the way through and the feeling is like hitting a game winning home run.
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