Home Means… All Fit No Fight



Ky’s Story:

As I beat the hell out of the stuffed oval object chained to a bar, I’m told by my coach ‘breathe!’

And it makes a world of difference.

I joined UFC Gym Reno before it opened in August because I needed a changed…and this place is definitely different. I love the environment that is both inviting and intense.

The coaches boost moral of the entire gym. This is not a walk-in/walkout gym. You get to know these people and they get to know you.

There are young people, old people, in shape and out of shape people…big and small! (Literally, there are kid classes!)

Alex’s Story: 

Before a year ago if you asked me anything about UFC I would have looked at you with a blank stare. But EVERY time there is a televised UFC fight, and I mean every single time, my boyfriend and his friends watch. I tag along here and there and now have some understanding of what takes place. So when I heard a UFC Gym was opening in Reno, I was interested in checking it out.

Unlike Ky, I’ve kind of let my involvement in class based workouts slip through the cracks. Not proud of it, but hey, I’m working on getting better! When we went to the UFC Gym I really wasn’t sure what to expect, and neither did my gluteus.

While completing the workout was a struggle, and my legs have been sore since, the guidance from instructors was incredible! They not only coach you through the workout, but encourage you to keep at it. At the end of the class we were told the motto of the gym is “All Fit, No Fight,” meaning everyone is welcome to join. That resonated with me because I feel comfort and encouragement are the main ingredients to creating a positive and successful workout environment.

We powered through a Saturday morning class! Have a look.


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