Home Means… Century Old Family Traditions

Rural Nevada is not necessarily at the top of people’s lists for vacation destinations. But what many people don’t know is that these tiny towns in the Silver State have several hidden gems, each one making your trip unique. If you’re ever traveling through Nevada and want to know where to stop, I recommend visiting Fallon, and more specifically, Frey Ranch.

Since the late 1800’s the Frey Family has owned a 1,200 acre farm land in Fallon, Nevada, growing wheat, rye, barley, corn and grapes. The farm is now nationally known as Frey Ranch Estate Distillery and Churchill Vineyards, making it the only Estate Distillery/Winery in the country. On the farm, the Freys grow, harvest, distill and bottle all of their spirits and wine.

While the family has produced their own spirits for more than a century, Frey Ranch opened the doors of their 4,000 square-foot distillery in 2014. The property features a still room, tank room, barreling and tasting room. Not only do they have a 5,000 gallon mash cooker, 5000 gallon pot, 5,000 gallon beer well and a 24-foot continuous still, but the centerpiece of their distillery is a custom-made, one-of-a-kind Vendome that makes up to 10,000 cases of spirits a month.

To celebrate their four year anniversary, Frey Ranch is hosting a celebration at the distillery grounds. There will be music, food and free tours and tastings available from 12-4pm on Saturday, October 14. If you can’t make it out for the big party, the Freys offer free tastings and tours every Saturday from 12-4pm.

Frey Ranch is located at 1045 Dodge Lane in Fallon, Nevada.

**Photos courtesy of Frey Ranch Estate Distillery**

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