Home Means…Galas for Good Causes

Ever been to a ‘gala’? Neither have I now that I think about it…but I’ll be attending my first one Friday and for a cause that far outweighs any struggle my family and I have ever experienced…

Keeping parents close while their sick child is hospitalized.


That’s what the Ronald McDonald House does.

Adjacent to Renown on Mill Street, the Reno Ronald McDonald House gives housing and meals to families who live more than 30 miles away while their children are in the hospital.

They eliminate costs and logistical nightmares during a family’s toughest moments.


The Ronald McDonald House in Reno as been serving the Truckee Meadows for 30 years and hosts about 160-170 families a year.

They make a difficult time easier because no child should ever be alone while in the hospital.

A parent should be by their child’s side…through appointments, treatments, surgeries, and the rest. Imagine how frustrating it would be if travel and meals kept you away.

They give families a place to relax and take a breather.

The Red Shoe Gala this Friday, October 6, is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Reno Ronald McDonald House. It will be an evening full of good eats at the Atlantis Casino Resort, entertainment, and stories of families who have been helped by such a great cause.

Get this– though it bears the “McDonald’s” name, 90 percent of funding comes from individual and business donors.

I can’t wait to hear these stories, meet these families, and support such an important cause!

I just need to find some red shoes….



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