No Fear, Know Success! ‘We’re NOT Friends’ Creators Get Ready For BIG Second Season

Hey! Ky here…We’ve done a few posts on Home Means about friendship so doing a post about something called ‘We’re NOT Friends’ might seem counter intuitive to the theme Alex and I have going.

BUT–You gotta watch this clip!

‘We’re NOT Friends’ is the brain child of Ashley Bornancin and Don DiPetta.

I don’t personally know Don, but here are a few words about Ashley…

Ashley is an enthusiastic, driven, kind, hilarious, goal achieving, ass-kicking actress, writer, producer, VISIONARY in Hollywood and just so happens to be a close friend of mine from college. Ashley and Don debuted ‘We’re NOT Friends’ on YouTube last year and it wasn’t some thrown together pilot with a few jokes and a half-baked storyline…it was REAL and made for television from the get-go…

And get this: completely self-funded.

If you watch the season (which, you should, it’s awesome!) you won’t believe that these people did this WHILE holding jobs, having families, and hopefully having some social life.

Imagine putting in that type of work…hours and hours and hours…

Hoping someone on the inter-webs will see it.

Hoping it will get picked up,

Hoping your hard work will pay off.

At any stage of life (even for the young and energetic),  it is daunting taking on side projects in addition to your day job, family, and the rest. It can seem difficult and far to much of a gamble to even try. 

But Ashley has a different perspective….

“That’s why we created our first season…we were like ‘why should people give us their money? We haven’t done anything.’ That’s insane!”

I was inspired by this. The millenial stigma is that we are entitled…demanding the world with as little work as possible…but there’s a lot to be said for giving it your all because creme rises to the top.

Guess what is coming up for ‘We’re NOT Friends’…

They are preparing for season 2 and getting the accolades of Hollywood’s shakers who want in! For example, America’s Got Talent and YouTube star Drew Lynch is a part of the new cast!


They have a campaign going to raise money for the project. At the time of this post, they raised over $11,000 and on their way to the $45,100 goal!

This is what having a vision looks like. This is what executing the vision looks like. And this is what comes from doing what you know will pay off!

Ashley, Don, and the team at ‘We’re NOT Friends’ have proven they can move mountains with little and are inspiring so many (including Alex and I at ‘Home Means…’) that big things can happen when you have confidence in your vision.




What’s yours?


It is only a matter of time before you see ‘We’re NOT Friends’ on Hulu or the like! Click here to make a pledge!

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