Home Means… Friendship (Pt.2)

“Life was meant for good friends and great adventures.” – sappy friendship quote from Pinterest 

In our first blog post, Ky and I talked about where we met and how the idea for “Home Means…” came about. Long story short, we met in news and here we are, two years later, friends who are embarking on this blogging journey together!

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When we first talked about starting a blog together, I knew it was going to be fun. Why? Because we are friends who have a passion for storytelling. Combined, we would be able to reach a large (hopefully someday) audience and connect communities by telling people’s stories. While we are having fun, it occurred to us that this entire project has only been made possible with the help of friends.

Say hello to one of the kindest people you will ever meet, Trevor Benson (founder of Offbeat)! I first met Trevor in news when he was hired to work the morning shift. While quiet at first, he got used to my early morning sing-a-long sessions and we quickly became friends! Ky and Trevor also met in news, during morning live shots, and here they are today, friends. When we asked Trevor to take some photos for the site, he not only agreed to be our resident photographer but videographer as well. We are EXTREMELY grateful for his help and are excited to see where this blog can go because of his talent and help!

Creating the “Home Means…” logo has been one of the most difficult parts of this process, mostly because Ky and I had no idea what we wanted! Before launching, I went to lunch with a friend from college, Jerad Pettaway, and was telling him all about the blog and how we were having trouble envisioning a logo. That’s when he reminded me that he has a business creating graphic designs (among other things…check out his website!). With a lot of patience (on his end) and a variety of logos to pick from, we FINALLY chose THE one! We are so thankful to Jerad for his time, talent and help in creating this vital piece of our blogging adventure.

One of the best parts of working in news was learning about my coworkers other talents. Before Trevor started at the station, Jesse McCloskey was one of our photographers. As the founder of White Opus Productions, Jesse is a creative genius (and a talented one at that)! Much like my story with Trevor, Jesse and I bonded during early morning live shots. I’ve always been grateful for his support when it came to live shots, and when we would talk about our other passions and dreams. Jesse became a friend and I’m so glad we met! In an effort to help small businesses, Jesse is creating logo animations and slid into our DM one day with our official “Home Means…” animation! Talk about AMAZING!

From the friends we made in college, to the ones we’ve met after, this journey has been made possible because of YOU. Thank you for your continued support and we hope you continue to follow along!

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