Home Means… Going Over The Edge

When I was asked to go Over The Edge for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada (BBBSNN) I said “hell yes!” Without question, I was ready to take on one of the most daring tasks of my life. That positivity all changed at the practice rappel at Mesa Rim Climbing & Fitness when climbing up the rock wall left me shaking, crying and questioning if I was really up for the challenge.

You might be asking, “What is Over The Edge?” It’s an annual fundraiser benefiting BBBSNN, where participants are challenged to raise $1,000 for the organization. In turn, you get the unique opportunity of rappelling 27 stories off the roof of the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino!

Fast forward to September 26. As I stood in the suite getting suited up with a harness and helmet, my life quickly flashed before my eyes. Okay, maybe I’m being slightly dramatic. BUT I was getting very nervous for the task at hand. From there, we headed up to the roof where Liam, the guy responsible for checking the harness, trained me in what to do, showed me how the equipment worked and tried to calm my fears. I was shaking a little at this point, but it was nothing compared to the moment I actually stepped over the edge.

Slightly hyperventilating and questioning if this was something I should really be doing, I looked up to see friends, Wendy (the fearless leader at BBBSNN) and the wonderful Over The Edge Team, all encouraging me to start rappelling. Long story short, I started moving and in no time at all I was back on solid ground (still shaking but back on pavement not the side of a building).

When working in news, I did several stories on the organization and the work they do for the community in northern Nevada. The best part about their mission? They change lives for the kids AND adults who get involved in the program! Whether you make a monetary donation or offer up your time, Big Brother Big Sisters is an organization I urge you to get involved with! And if you’re feeling like you missed out with this year’s fundraiser, plan ahead and get involved next year. Facing your fear of heights for a good cause… can’t think of any better reason to step over the edge!

Founded back in 2003, Over The Edge has made it their mission “to create a legacy with a 10 year goal to help non-profit organizations throughout North America raise $50 million dollars.” For Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northern Nevada, this is their annual fundraiser, aimed at continuing their efforts to help children facing adversity in the community. The reason participants are asked to raise $1,000 is because that’s the price of pairing a big and little together in the program.

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