Home Means…A Cup of Jo

25 years is a long time…

If anybody has anything to say about managing and marketing, customer service and complaints, liability and looking good while doing it all…it’s my mom.


She and my dad have started, purchased, and/or sold 7 businesses in the last 25 years. Her main bread and butter, in-home senior care, is the first one of its kind in Northern Nevada, Lend-A-Hand Senior Services. She calls it her “first born,” which I find mildly rude! 🙂

A quarter century worthy of experience, know-how, and lots of whoopsies…has all boiled down to this. A brand new venture, a step of faith far from anything they’ve known before.


Welcome to JoStella Coffee. Midtown’s newest coffee shop. Well, kind of. Formally known as Dreamer’s Coffee House, JoStella is far from the senior care industry…but if anyone can grind this up and come out with a little foam on top, it’s Mom! (Coffee puns)

If she has learned anything in the last 25 years, it’s big leaps into the unknown mean big returns for the soul. She is setting a high bar for my sister and I with her bold, brave, and beautiful visions of trying new things with her eye on the prize: legacy. 

That’s another blog post for another day. Back to JoStella’s.

The name is no accident, in fact, we believe it’s providential.

Our Papa, Mom’s dad, Joe Stella, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer metastasized to his brain. At the publishing of this post, he is doing amazing with a prognosis far from what was at diagnosis.

Our Papa should be dead by now. With 8 weeks to live, 12 weeks ago, he is strong healthy, and pain free. It is nothing short of a miracle desperately petitioned to God by many.

In that time, we’ve seen a healing…maybe not physically, we still don’t know for sure yet (even though we absolutely know it can happen), but healing of family, relationships, and a dead and cold spirit made alive inside of many of us, including me.

JoStella’s has been a dream of my mom’s for many, many years…now it has come true with a name that carries a lot of weight. Its adoption into our family is doing far more than making good coffee (it does that for sure!), but injecting an espresso shot of challenges, new experiences, and faith.

And for that, thank you…a latte…JoStella’s Coffee Company.

Check it out on Saint Lawrence and Virginia in Midtown! Click here for the Facebook page.


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