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Home Means… A Revitalized Downtown

Is downtown Reno an appropriate place for strip clubs? That’s the question buzzing around northern Nevada as elected officials decide how to best revitalize the area.

In 2016, the Reno City Council told staff to review issues surrounding adult businesses in and around the downtown and midtown areas. Fast forward to Wednesday, September 13 when the council voted 5-2 to move the strip clubs away from their current locations.

While the clubs are covered by freedom of expression, the Supreme Court has passed several rulings that say these types of businesses can be curbed if there is an increase in crime or decrease of surrounding property values.

After the three hour discussion, it was decided that staff will rewrite the current ordinances to prohibit digital outdoor signs at these strip clubs within six months. They are also to include the prohibition of alcohol at improperly zoned clubs, as well as the fact that the strip clubs must be moved to industrial areas of town within the next five years.

Despite the final decision, these changes must be discussed among the Reno Planning Commission, who will hold two more council votes before any changes take effect.

This is an ongoing story that we will continue to follow. STAY TUNED for more stories on what people are saying in support of the changes, as well as from those who don’t want the strip clubs to move.


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